Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dog Blog Update!


 - The I Helped Hunt was a huge success!  Once people realized the hints (directions) were on the blog under the item description, they really took off, getting 20 items in under 15 minutes in most cases!  I appreciated everyone who took the time to do the hunt and donate funds for the Diabetic Alert Service Dog!

 - We only had 9 in attendance for the I Helped Live Auction, but those 9 made a difference, raising $50 USD in that one event!  A HUGE thanks to all of the business owners who donated items to be auctioned.  A HUGE thanks to the nine people there!


Blizzard Ball
The Blizzard Ball venue was the most stunning and elegant venue I've seen on Second Life!

The Donation Puppies were dressed in their best and accepted generous donations!

The Tinies came in to sing Wootmas Carols to us!  (If you have never seen/heard the Tiny Wootmas Carolers, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Linn Darkwatch to book this group!)

Over $100 USD was raised!

Personal Updates:
Health - My blood sugar levels were on target for a week, but I'm fighting to get them back to those levels again.  It's always a fight to stay within range and it's not getting any easier to accomplish it!

Dog - With every donation that comes in, the hope that he'll be gotten sooner rather than later, grows!  I need $2,500 to send in for the down payment.  The current total in the puppy bank is $622.  The total cost is $15,000. 

If you have ANY questions, please bop me on the head with an IM on Second Life!

How to Donate?
The best way is through PayPal at
Donate through any Marie's Diabetic Alert Dog donation "jar" found throughout Second Life
   (If YOU have a business and would like a donation jar, PLEASE let me know and I'll set you up with one!)
Purchase items from ~XM~ Designs at
OR purchase items that Snowhawk has made to help out on MARKETPLACE

for Helping to bring
Musketeer Puppy, the Diabetic Alert Dog

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Helping to raise funds for a Service Dog
November 1 - 30, 2015
November is Diabetes Awareness Month

                Hunt Item You're Looking For:

Item #1
~XM~ Park To Go
Description:  Park To Go is by ~XM~ Designs.  This is a WEARABLE park with dancing fountains, lamp and park bench with a rose.  Wear and you can enjoy your park without adding prims to land impact and without needing rezzing rights!
Hint:  Inside the store, you'll find me on the rocks, trying not to get wet!
(Get the items by RIGHT CLICKING the Hunt Object and "pay" to donate an amount!)
Marie ALWAYS wants hunts at ~XM~ Designs to be FUN, not frustrating!  If you have questions or need extra hints, just bop XMarieX Fairport over the head with an IM or drag a note card into her mailbox.  She'll be THRILLED to assist!
Item #2
MOoH! Xmas light headband multi
Description:  This awesome Xmas light headband with multi colored lights is from MOoH! who was generous to provide a hunt item!  Thank you, MOoH!  (See LM in store).
Hint:  I like it here in the back corner.
Item #3
Christmas Lights Collar
Description:  A big thank you to D'Amantru Industries for the Christmas Lights Collar!  This collar has color changing blinking lights!  (See LM in store)
Hint:  I'm upstairs next to a free outfit!
Item #4
{SC} Lover's Hangout Spot
Description:  Stitches Creations is helping raise funds for a Service Dog by donating the Lover's Hangout Spot!  Blanket, pillows, rocks and roses makes a lovely venue to spend time with the one you love with 11 couple animations!  (See LM in store)
Hint:  I'm looking out the window upstairs!
Item #5
~XM~ French Gem Collection
Description:  From ~XM~ Designs comes the jewelry and matching shoes for guys & gals!  This is a huge collection with onyx, ruby, sapphire and emerald gems & Fleur de Lis!  Resizing scripts are in the shoes and necklaces.  All items are COPY!
Hint:  Have you ever looked underneath the stairs?
Item #6
Silk Ribbon & Holly Collar
Description:  This collar comes from D'Amantru Industries and features holly and a shiny red silk ribbon.  Thank you, D'Amantru!
Hint:  You'll find me by the Asian items board!
Marie has been living with Juvenile Diabetes for 31 years!  She now needs the help of a Diabetic Alert Service Dog to stay healthy and safe!  YOUR HELP is greatly appreciated!
Item #7
~XM~ Executive Chair *WEARABLE*
Description:  Ever get tired of standing around, waiting for your letter to appear on a Lucky Chair?  Wait like a CEO with the Executive Chair WEARABLE!  You don't need rezzing rights to kick back and watch others standing around waiting, or anywhere you happen to be!
Hint:  I get behind helping to raise funds for this life saving Service Dog!
Item #8
{SC} Vanity
Description:  Thank you to Stitches Creations for donating this Vanity with six solo animations!  Let the designer know you appreciate her donation by visiting her store!
Hint:  I am very fond of this plant up here in the corner.
Item #9
Snowflake Collar
Description:  This lovely silver Snowflake Collar was donated from D'Amantru Industries.  Please visit her store and look for her original art work at the Live Auction!
Hint:  I'm surrounded by shoes and boots!
Diabetic Alert Service Dogs are highly trained to alert their owner when blood sugar levels start to go up or start to go down.  Levels not in the normal range can result in loss of limbs, kidney failure, blindness and death.
Item #10

{SC} Fairytale Cuddle Blanket
Description:  From Stitches Creations, enjoy the Fairytale Cuddle Blanket!  21 couple animations next to a grape laden fence is the perfect place to make your fairytale come true!
Hint:  You'll find me sitting in a corner upstairs.
Item #11
~XM~ The Tower
Description:  The Tower is from ~XM~ Designs and is wonderful for play and display!  It features 6 solo animations, including sitting to wait, standing to wait and Twerking! 
Hint:  I'm up.. WAY up!
Item #12
~XM~ Owls
Description:  Three owls with different feather textures from ~XM~ Designs that blink and are copy!
Hint:  I like to sit out here on the bench to watch the ducks.
All funds from the I HELPED HUNT will be going directly to purchase a life saving Diabetic Alert Service Dog!  THANK YOU for your help and keep looking for these great items...
Item #13
~XM~ Romantic Lounger

Description:  From ~XM~ Designs comes a lovely Romantic Lounger with 7 couple animations which are very sweet.  The lounger is COPY.
Hint:  I'm trying to climb the stairs of the ruins by the pond that are pictured behind me in the photo!
Item #14
~XM~ Dining Table w/Texture Changing Runner
Description:  ~XM~ Designs is pleased to bring to you the Dining Table w/Texture Change Runner.  This includes COPY chairs in both captain chairs and regular, each with six animations.  The table runner has six different textures to enjoy.

Hint:  I can get down with this Lucky Chair!
The reason you aren't supposed to pet or talk to someone's Service Dog is because the dog needs to have their full attention on the person they're helping.  You may ask to pet their dog, and if the person is confident they don't need the help from the service animal at that moment, they'll be glad to allow you to pet it.  Please realize these dogs want to work - they WANT to help their human.
Item #15
~XM~ Dog Cameo Choker
Description:  This elegant Dog Cameo Choker comes from ~XM~ Designs and features a Labrador on a blue cameo.  It has a resizing script for the perfect fit and is copy.
Hint:  I'm hanging out where the ~XM~ VIP Group Gifts hang out!
Item #16
~XM~ Watching A Drama *WEARABLE*
Description:  Whether it's a movie or a brawl in front of lucky chairs or the latest cat fight, have the best seat in the house with this Watching A Drama WEARABLE by ~XM~ Designs!
Hint:  See the bridge by the duck pond?  You'll find me there!
$2500 USD is the down payment for the Service Dog.  After that is turned in, the Service Dog for Marie will be located and the 7 month training will begin! 
Item #17
~XM~ Happy Puppy
Description:  These two happy puppies are from ~XM~ Designs.  They are copy/mod so you can make them any size or add animations to them. 
Hint:  There sure are a lot of hunt posters here!
Item #18
~XM~ I Helped Dogtag - Silver & Red
Description:  These dogtag necklaces, in silver and in red, for men and for women have a I HELPED tag on them.  They come with a resizing script and are copy!  Another wonderful way to show others that YOU HELPED!  Thank you!
Hint:  Look at all of these businesses who have donated items for the I Helped Live Auction!  I can just click the logo and visit them!
Just like many hands makes light work, many wallets makes reaching a goal easier!  Invite everyone on your friends list and in your groups to do the hunt to bring this Service Dog HOME!
Item #19
~XM~ Campfire *WEARABLE*
Description:  With two different hot dog sticks and a marshmallow stick, this is a great campfire to place ANYWHERE just by WEARING it!  From ~XM~ Designs, wearing the Campfire will animate you roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over the campfire.
Hint:  You'll see me when you reach the top of the stairs!  TADA!!!
Item #20
~XM~ Bubble Bath *WEARABLE*
Description:  After doing a hunt, what better way to relax as you unpack your new items, then in a bubble bath!  This is WEARABLE so it can be out ANYWHERE with no rezzing rights needed!  The candles click on/off and bubbles float up from the water.  There is a modesty copy/mod Bubble Top and Bubble Bottom included!
Hint:  End of the hunt and I think I'll just take my place on the throne!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP and for participating in the I HELPED HUNT!
The I HELPED LIVE AUCTION will take place on November 28th at 7:00 pm SLT, along with a formal dance.
Keep up with the Dog Blog at to find out news of when the down payment is sent in, when the right dog is found, how training is going AND when this Service Dog COMES HOME!
Other ways to help:
1.  Second Life L$, donated or by purchasing anything from ~XM~ Designs or the Labradors from D'Amantru Industries at
2.  PayPal
3.  At any Wells Fargo Bank, ask to deposit to the MUSKETEER THE DIABETIC ALERT DOG fund.
Thank you SO MUCH
for helping!
XMarieX Fairport
~XM~ Designs
Financial Report:
November 7, 2015 - $50.15 USD was cashed out of Second Life
November 14, 2015 - $19.57 USD was cashed out of Second Life
November 21, 2015 - $6.48 USD was cashed out of Second Life
Grand Total as of November 14, 2015:  $315.90
$2,500 needed for down payment
$15,000 needed for total payment


Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Bit of Babble by Marie
I'm a fighter.  Rarely do I give up the fight.  I know diabetics that were only diagnosed for 12 years before they went blind due to diabetes.  I know diabetics who were only diagnosed 20 years before they suffered the nerve pain, got worsening sores on their legs and ended up having to have their lower legs cut off due to diabetes.  I know diabetics that spend 20 hours a week, sitting in a chair, hooked up to a dialysis machine because of diabetes.  Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of DEATH!

I've been so fortunate!

I've been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes for over 31 YEARS. 

I'm so fortunate that I only have a slight speck of diabetic damage to my eyes.  I am so glad I can feel every tickle to my feet and every tiny Lego that I step on.  I'm thrilled that I'm able to go to the restroom!

I want to keep it that way and I'm FIGHTING to do so, but I need HELP!

A friend of mine wrote on his Blog about me.  He later told me that given how many views that blog had, if everyone who viewed it had donated just $3, the Diabetic Alert Service Dog would be PAID IN FULL!

Just think about the power $3 USD can have! 

A Diabetic Alert Service Dog would alert me when my blood sugars are starting to go low, saving me from seizures and body damage.  A Diabetic Alert Service Dog would alert me when my blood sugar levels are starting to go too high, saving me from coma and more organ damage.  I fight every moment of every day to keep my blood sugar levels in the normal range, but there are so many outside factors that can ruin perfect levels.  A Diabetic Alert Dog can help save my life!

So I give to you the
How can you step up to the challenge?
1.  Second Life $3 = approx. 750 L$
3.  Donate at any Wells Fargo Bank to the Musketeer the Diabetic Alert Dog fund.
The real challenge is not to think someone else will do it for you.  The real challenge is for YOU to make it happen!
Thank you for helping
to bring
The Diabetic Alert Dog
(This dog is being trained for another person -
I hope to have a Grand Unveiling of my Service Dog
when enough funds are raised so I can make the down payment.)

Monday, October 26, 2015


When:  November 1 - 30, 2015 (Diabetes Awareness Month)
Where:  ~XM~ Designs
Hunt Item:  Dog
This is an I HELPED HUNT to help raise funds for a needed Service Dog!  Each hunt item will have a NAME YOUR PRICE script in it, so when you find an item, you can decide how much you'd like to donate for the item.
Let me show you!  :)  Here is an example:
Park To Go is from ~XM~ Designs.  It is WEARABLE so you
don't need rezzing rights to sit at this park!  This has animated
dancing fountains, a lamp and park bench with a rose on
the seat.  Copy.
Hint:  Have you ever laid under the stairs and looked up at the underside?
Right click the hunt item & pay the amount you'd like to donate for this item.
(In this example, the hunt object #1 would be located under the stairs.)
The Goal
The goal for the first week is 700,000L$.  That amount will get the Service Dog located and training started.  WHEN THAT HAPPENS, A PHOTO OF THE ACTUAL SERVICE DOG WILL BE AVAILABLE TO SEE!!!  (the dog images I've been using are photos, used with permission, of other diabetic's dogs that are also being trained by Diabetic Alert Dogs of America.)  I am breaking up the amount to smaller portions so you can see there is progress being made!  I will be increasing the amount posted on the goal, daily!
Bop XMarieX Fairport on the head with an IM
Drag a note card into the mailbox at ~XM~ Designs
Thank you for helping to
get a Diabetic Alert Service Dog!
YOU could be saving a life!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

YOU can help by participating in the "I Helped Hunt" (IHH) November 1 - 30!

If you are a merchant and wish to donate an item for the hunt, contact XMarieX Fairport by note card in Second Life no later than October 20, 2015.  Please include you SL NAME and if you want a POSTER or if you'll be donating an ITEM.  The full perm item and full perm item image, along with your SL NAME and STORE NAME must be received by October 25, 2015 (I will change the perms to what you request).  If you would like to help by displaying a hunt poster, please let me know via note card. with SL Name and the word:  POSTER

This will be a very different type of hunt.  Hunt items will have a PAY WHAT YOU WANT script in it so hunters can pay what they want for the item, based on prize images posted here.

Live Auction!
There will be a LIVE AUCTION and DANCE on Saturday, November 28, 2015!  If you are a designer or know of a designer who is willing to donate a TRANS item please contact me via note card inworld or pick up Auction Application at:  just inside the door.

for helping to bring this
life saving dog
HOME to Marie!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

More Items for the I Helped Auction!
I'll be posting a listing of all items in order they will be auctioned on November 28, 2015.  But for now, here's a look at what these fine creators have donated for the Service Dog so far!

From:  Timeless Textures

A 1000L Gift Card!

From:  D'Amantru Industries

Plus a 1000L Gift Card!

From:  [:Rad Designz:]

A 150L Gift Card!
From:  TRS Designs

3 - 100L Gift Cards!
From:  Ink

From:  Stitche's Creations

to those who have made donations!
Landmarks for these stores are posted on the
at ~XM~ Designs
PLEASE be counted as one to say,
By donating!
Thank you so much!
XMarieX Fairport

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some Auction Items!
A couple designers have really stepped up to help!  (See how YOU can help in the post below!)

From 3D Republic:  2 - 500L Gift Cards!

From MOoH!, the following:

Watch for more items!
See about the
Thank you!