Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dog Blog Update!


 - The I Helped Hunt was a huge success!  Once people realized the hints (directions) were on the blog under the item description, they really took off, getting 20 items in under 15 minutes in most cases!  I appreciated everyone who took the time to do the hunt and donate funds for the Diabetic Alert Service Dog!

 - We only had 9 in attendance for the I Helped Live Auction, but those 9 made a difference, raising $50 USD in that one event!  A HUGE thanks to all of the business owners who donated items to be auctioned.  A HUGE thanks to the nine people there!


Blizzard Ball
The Blizzard Ball venue was the most stunning and elegant venue I've seen on Second Life!

The Donation Puppies were dressed in their best and accepted generous donations!

The Tinies came in to sing Wootmas Carols to us!  (If you have never seen/heard the Tiny Wootmas Carolers, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Linn Darkwatch to book this group!)

Over $100 USD was raised!

Personal Updates:
Health - My blood sugar levels were on target for a week, but I'm fighting to get them back to those levels again.  It's always a fight to stay within range and it's not getting any easier to accomplish it!

Dog - With every donation that comes in, the hope that he'll be gotten sooner rather than later, grows!  I need $2,500 to send in for the down payment.  The current total in the puppy bank is $622.  The total cost is $15,000. 

If you have ANY questions, please bop me on the head with an IM on Second Life!

How to Donate?
The best way is through PayPal at
Donate through any Marie's Diabetic Alert Dog donation "jar" found throughout Second Life
   (If YOU have a business and would like a donation jar, PLEASE let me know and I'll set you up with one!)
Purchase items from ~XM~ Designs at
OR purchase items that Snowhawk has made to help out on MARKETPLACE

for Helping to bring
Musketeer Puppy, the Diabetic Alert Dog