Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I want to give a long over due shout out to some awesome friends! 

First of all, major THANK YOU to Onyx for renting a parcel in Second Life and TELLING me (almost at gun point! - teasing) to set up shop (all proceeds from sales of ~XM~ Designs items goes towards funding a Diabetic Alert Dog).  She is an amazing and kind person who nudges me with TO DO LISTS, so watch for more ~XM~ items to come out!

The next shout out of thanks goes to Snowhawk!  She had the brilliant idea of making a Labrador Avi (my Diabetic Alert Dog will be a Labrador).  All proceeds from sales will also be going toward funding my Diabetic Alert Dog!  Check them out on MARKETPLACE.

I can't express how much I appreciate every bit of help.  No amount is too little.  Every amount is appreciated!

Thank you!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dance on the Beach - HUGE SUCCESS!
A major THANK YOU to Onyx for nudging me really hard to re-open my ~XM~ Designs store on Second Life and to host a dance!

Kiva & I had so much fun playing music and seeing everyone again!  There is talk of making it happen again... and AGAIN! 

THANK YOU to everyone who attended!  THANK YOU for your kind support in helping to get a Diabetic Alert Service Dog (I've already named him "Musketeer", "Musket" for short).  ALL proceeds from sales of ~XM~ Designs items and every contribution at dances goes towards the purchase of this life saving animal. 

$2500 USD is needed to START the process of finding and training the dog to my scent.  Total cost to say the dog is MINE is $15,000 USD.  Yes, that's a LOT of money and a few L$ or a few I'z doesn't seem like much to give, but trust me, EVERY SINGLE BIT COUNTS!  We're almost at $150 USD now.

Learn more about Diabetic Alert Dogs HERE.

Monday, August 17, 2015 marks my 31st anniversary of being diagnosed a Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic.  Thankfully I have no issues with circulation so I have my legs, I have my eyes and I have my kidneys.  I'm wanting to keep it like that as long as possible!  Musketeer would be a huge help to make that possible!

Thank you!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Bit of Hope

I received a call from our pastor today.  He wanted to let me know that the financial meeting ran long and the need for a Diabetic Alert Dog wasn't mentioned at that meeting.  There will be another meeting in November and it will be brought up at that time.  He just wanted to let me know the Service Dog is still in progress.  I really appreciated that!

I also received an email today from the president of the local Lion's Club!  They had never heard of a Diabetic Alert Dog and asked for more information so they could bring it up at their next meeting! 

We hope you can join Kiva & Marie on Saturday, August 15, 2015 for a Dance on Second Life!  This dance is to celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of ~XM~ Designs in Second Life and all proceeds will go toward the Diabetic Alert Service Dog!  We hope to see you at 8:00 pm SLT on Saturday!

Much Thanks!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trying to Keep Hope Alive

It's been a very rough week for me.  I've gotten a lot of very sad news that has made my stress levels rise, and thus my blood sugar levels rise.  "Normal" blood sugar levels are between 80 and 120.  Mine were in the 400s and even got into the 500s.  Not good.  I need a Diabetic Alert Dog to help me stay on the tight rope of my life with diabetes.

I made the mistake of watching this VIDEO.  That was a huge mistake.  I was so unsettled about how the young girl met her Diabetic Alert Dog (from a different company than I'm using) and how she had to witness the dog's trainer saying a very long, drawn out and sad good bye to the little girl's dog.  I was very upset and told my husband if THAT was how the meeting with Musketeer is going to be, I would rather not get a service dog.  That type of pain to another human is not worth it to me.  Of course, my hubby said, "Call your people and find out how they do the transfer!".  What a GREAT idea, honey!!!!

So I called D.A.D.A. (Diabetic Alert Dogs of America) and had a little chat.  They will be flying into the nearest commercial airport, renting a car, and since it will be late, will be going directly to a hotel.  They'll meet me at 10am the next morning (my local time, so that they won't have to deal with jet lag, cuz even an hour off can mess you up).  I was told that even if we met at a park, Musketeer would be able to locate me because he'll have known my scent for six months while he was being trained.  He'd be able to pick me out of a crowd of people.  I was told that the first 30 minutes or so is the dog loving on their human and the human loving on their dog!  Lots of doggy kisses and lots of petting and hugging.  THEN after we have gotten over the grand hello, we dive in to get me to learn everything I need to learn and the trainer will stay in town as many days as it takes to get me to learn what I need to learn.
This is Simba being trained for another diabetic.
I was told the only thing I'll need to have when they arrive is a bowl of water.  The trainer will be going with me to the pet store to help me pick out what is a good idea for Musket and what (AND WHY) other things are not a good idea.  They'll help me form a list of things to pick up in the future, so not everything will be needed the first day.  Musket will be bringing his favorite toys with him!
I asked about the commands that he'll know when he arrives.  There are the usual:  sit, stay, down (meaning to get down from something like the couch or a bed), leave it, drop it, lay down.  Then there were those that I was fascinated with, such as "Bed" which means he can go lay in his bed while I'm making dinner (unless he needs to alert me).  The other REALLY fascinating command was "Go Potty"!  YES!!!  Musketeer will go potty on command!  Sort of like when you tell children to try to go potty before getting in the car - that's what he'll be trained to do as well.  The reason is because a LOT of youth with diabetes take their Diabetic Alert Dogs to school with them and the dogs will need to go at recess.  Schools aren't fond of dogs raising their paws to be excused to use the restroom!  :)

BIG THANK YOUS to all who have made an ~XM~ Designs purchase or donation at an ~XM~ Designs location!  GREAT BIG HUGE THANKS to everyone who is getting the word out, letting others know.  THANK YOU to Webspelunker for spreading the word with your BLOG!  Kiva and I will gladly DJ your events to help raise funds for the puppy.  RL donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank by letting them know you wish to donate to the MUSKETEER THE DIABETIC ALERT DOG fund.  RL donations can also be made via PayPal to

Thank you
for helping to bring
Musketeer the Diabetic Alert Dog
home to Marie!

Saturday, August 1, 2015


I've been "networking", trying to get the word out about the need for a Diabetic Alert Service Dog.  In RL, I've contacted our church, pet stores, grocery stores and the Lions Club.  On virtual worlds, Second Life's Perryn Peterson opened The Renaissance Fair and invited me to set up a booth.  The fair starts September 1, 2015. 

Need a DJ in Second Life or InWorldz?  Kiva & I use tips towards the Diabetic Alert Dog as well!

Never think what you give is too little because every single L$ and every single I'z makes a difference!

for helping!