Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Bit of Babble by Marie
I'm a fighter.  Rarely do I give up the fight.  I know diabetics that were only diagnosed for 12 years before they went blind due to diabetes.  I know diabetics who were only diagnosed 20 years before they suffered the nerve pain, got worsening sores on their legs and ended up having to have their lower legs cut off due to diabetes.  I know diabetics that spend 20 hours a week, sitting in a chair, hooked up to a dialysis machine because of diabetes.  Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of DEATH!

I've been so fortunate!

I've been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes for over 31 YEARS. 

I'm so fortunate that I only have a slight speck of diabetic damage to my eyes.  I am so glad I can feel every tickle to my feet and every tiny Lego that I step on.  I'm thrilled that I'm able to go to the restroom!

I want to keep it that way and I'm FIGHTING to do so, but I need HELP!

A friend of mine wrote on his Blog about me.  He later told me that given how many views that blog had, if everyone who viewed it had donated just $3, the Diabetic Alert Service Dog would be PAID IN FULL!

Just think about the power $3 USD can have! 

A Diabetic Alert Service Dog would alert me when my blood sugars are starting to go low, saving me from seizures and body damage.  A Diabetic Alert Service Dog would alert me when my blood sugar levels are starting to go too high, saving me from coma and more organ damage.  I fight every moment of every day to keep my blood sugar levels in the normal range, but there are so many outside factors that can ruin perfect levels.  A Diabetic Alert Dog can help save my life!

So I give to you the
How can you step up to the challenge?
1.  Second Life $3 = approx. 750 L$
3.  Donate at any Wells Fargo Bank to the Musketeer the Diabetic Alert Dog fund.
The real challenge is not to think someone else will do it for you.  The real challenge is for YOU to make it happen!
Thank you for helping
to bring
The Diabetic Alert Dog
(This dog is being trained for another person -
I hope to have a Grand Unveiling of my Service Dog
when enough funds are raised so I can make the down payment.)

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