Saturday, October 10, 2015

More Items for the I Helped Auction!
I'll be posting a listing of all items in order they will be auctioned on November 28, 2015.  But for now, here's a look at what these fine creators have donated for the Service Dog so far!

From:  Timeless Textures

A 1000L Gift Card!

From:  D'Amantru Industries

Plus a 1000L Gift Card!

From:  [:Rad Designz:]

A 150L Gift Card!
From:  TRS Designs

3 - 100L Gift Cards!
From:  Ink

From:  Stitche's Creations

to those who have made donations!
Landmarks for these stores are posted on the
at ~XM~ Designs
PLEASE be counted as one to say,
By donating!
Thank you so much!
XMarieX Fairport

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