Friday, January 27, 2017


I've been trying to get started in getting a Diabetic Alert Service Dog for awhile.  Thanks to fantastic donations, both big and small (EVERY AMOUNT HELPS!) and folks purchasing items I've made...   I'm THRILLED to announce THE DOWN PAYMENT FOR MY SERVICE DOG HAS BEEN MADE!

NOW the real work begins!

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is the company I'm going through because they have an outstanding success rate, have life time support, train dogs to alert for low AND high blood sugar levels AND they hand deliver the trained dog and spend at least two days training ME to live and work with the service dog where I live!


1.  I'm #27 on the list of dogs to be located.  Approximatively 8 weeks from now, I'll be on the top of the list and D.A.D.A. (Diabetic Alert Dogs of America) will look for my dog (already named Musketeer Puppy) according to MY needs and wants that I have communicated with them.

2.  When they believe they've found the dog that best matches me and my situation, they will send me photos and video of the dog.  It is up to me to say, "Yes!  This is Musketeer Puppy!" or "Ummmm, not quite, please try again.".

3.  When Musketeer Puppy has been located, D.A.D.A. will send me a scent kit.  I'll provide scent samples (spit) of my low, normal and high blood sugar levels.  I'll send the scent kit back and they will use the samples to train Musketeer.

4.  I'll receive weekly updates, photos & videos that I WILL BE SHARING WITH YOU of what Musketeer  has been successfully trained to do, what he is currently working on and field trips he's taken and how he did (to Target, Wal-Mart, restaurants, etc.)

I no longer have to have funds sent to me, people can donate DIRECTLY to D.A.D.A.

Go to  At the bottom BLUE part of the page, second from the right, click on PAYMENTS.  Click BUY NOW.  In the description, type MUSKETEER PUPPY, enter an amount and continue.  Verify the payment type and know that your help is GREATLY appreciated!

(You MUST enter "MUSKETEER PUPPY" in the payment description, other wise those funds will be "lost").  

The down payment is just the first step!  PLEASE show you care & SHARE!


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