Sunday, January 22, 2017

Good News & Bad News

The GOOD news is that long time friend, Dal, of MOoH!, has made ADORABLE puppies on pillows with texture changing blankets to raise funds for my RL Diabetic Alert Service Dog!
You can pick up YOUR puppies from MOoH!, ~XM~ Designs or MarketPlace.

The BAD news...
I spoke to a representative from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America on Friday and was told their company received national publicity and now are nearing capacity for accepting dogs for the year.  In fact, they will not be accepting any more dogs for 2017 after April 1st.  That means....  If I don't have the down payment in by April 1, 2017, I won't get my dog until late 2018 because it now takes 8 months to train all of the dogs, instead of 6 months.

ALSO... the total price will be going up from $15K to $17.5K.

RIGHT NOW, I am only focused on getting the down payment of $2500 together.

Real Life donations (that won't require service charges for exchanging L$ to USD) can be made to MUSKETEER THE DIABETIC ALERT DOG at ANY Wells Fargo Bank.  OR you can PayPal to

Thank you for your help
in getting
Musketeer the Diabetic Alert Service Dog

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