Friday, March 3, 2017

Health & Getting Information

I had an appointment with my "Diabetic Eye Doctor" this week.  For the past two years, I've had a teeny tiny speck of diabetic damage to my eyes.  Something that they were going to watch closely.  

This week, my eye doctor told me, "There is NO damage at all due to diabetes!".  I hadn't realized that damage could correct itself.  I was told in some cases, esp. if it is very minor damage, it can heal itself.  HUZZAY!!!!  

My diabetic eye doctor heard I was working on getting a Diabetic Alert Service Dog and is SO THRILLED!  He told me about a friend of his who got a Service Dog two years ago and that friend's life has drastically changed for the better!  (His friend's dog cost $80,000 - makes Musketeer Puppy seem like a bargain at $15,000.  There are so many different training companies out there and their rates and services vary greatly.)

If you would like to research Diabetic Alert Service Dogs, I encourage you to Google it (or how ever you do searches).  If you'd like to verify Musketeer Puppy, I invite you to call Diabetic Alert Dogs of America.  They'll be more than happy to explain what they do.  Everyone in their office knows of "Musketeer Puppy" because I've been working on this for almost two years!  :)  They'll let you know how you can help bring Musketeer Puppy home if you ask.  You can find their phone number on their web site HERE


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