Friday, March 17, 2017

Now #11

I've taken another giant step closer to finding out who my service dog will be and what he'll look like!  I'm currently #11 on the wait list!  HOW EXCITING!

Biggest Way To Help

1.  Go to this LINK.
2.  Bottom BLUE part of the page, 2nd from the right
3.  Click "BUY NOW"
4.  In the "DESCRIPTION" box, type:  MUSKETEER PUPPY
< Without typing in MUSKETEER PUPPY, funds can get lost >
5.  Enter the donation amount in the "PRICE PER ITEM" box
6.  Click "CONTINUE"
7.  Enter your payment information (TOTALLY PRIVATE!)
I will not know WHO donated unless you type in "From ...."
in the DESCRIPTION box.
You may put your SL name in if you wish

Kiva and I believe in the power of prayer.
If giving funds just isn't something you feel comfortable
doing at this moment, 
please PRAY.
Prayers for funding.
Prayers for wisdom.
Prayers for patience.
Prayers my health doesn't get too much worse while we're

for all of your
in getting Musketeer Puppy
Service Dog

(We're planning a Puppy Reveal Party when we have the first
photos and video of Musketeer Puppy!
Keep watching for the announcement!)

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