Saturday, July 15, 2017

Service Dog, Musketeer Puppy's
10th & 11th Weekly Report Card

Musketeer has been working this week on exposure to various household sounds such as electric tooth brushes, blow dryers, mixers, blenders, closing cabinets, maintaining a down stay while the handler is moving around within the dog's sight, sound and touch sensitivity, leave it with food items and balls, heeling throughout a store with the attention on the handler and maintaining a down stay/ sit stay while people walk by with shopping carts. Training locations this week have included Carl's Jr., JCPenny's, Sportsman's, Arrowhead Mall, Bed Bath and Beyond and Cost Plus. Next week, Musketeer will be working on sound and touch sensitivity, leave it, recall with distractions, maintaining a down stay with distractions, maneuvering around as the handler requires such as out of the way in a busy aisle or at a register or in tight quarters, sitting politely while being pet by strangers, maintaining a down stay while children play close, elevator and stairs and maintaining appropriate behavior as the handler walks through the various stores in a mall.

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