Sunday, July 30, 2017

Service Dog,
Musketeer Puppy's
13th Weekly
Report Card

Musketeer has been learning to associate out of range high glucose levels with pawing to alert in low distraction environments, maintaining a down stay for extended periods of time using a dog bed as a boundary, leave it with food items, appropriate behavior while an unfamiliar dog is near, sound and touch sensitivity, recall with distractions, maintaining a down stay with objects moving around him and appropriate restaurant behavior. Training locations this week have included trainer's house, Arrowhead Mall, Fry's grocery Store, Chipotle, Basha's and Toys R Us. 

Next week, Musketeer will be practicing recall in a high distraction environments, leave it with items dropped in front of him, walking next to an electric wheel chair, sound sensitivity, maintaining a down stay for longer periods of time on a dog bed and in public, off leash heeling, and alerting to out of range high glucose levels in a low distraction home environments and in quieter public environments.

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