Friday, May 12, 2017

Slight Oooops...
D.A.D.A. (Diabetic Alert Dogs of America) made a slight oops with Musketeer's age.  They had gotten in five dogs all at about the same time and had originally told me Musketeer was seven months old.  That is the age of another dog.  Musketeer is 14 months old, so has a lot more maturity to him, thus is doing a lot better.  His birth date is February 26, 2016.  

At first I was feeling like I was going to miss out on seven months of his life, but I was assured that Musketeer is so perfect for me, he and I are going to make the perfect team for years to come.  

(I just wanted to get that info in here because this was a step of the journey that we're taking.)

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