Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thank you
for helping to welcome

Kiva & I were thrilled to have folks help celebrate the service dog company finding my Musketeer!

Here are photos from the party, HUGE THANKS to Patty for taking so many photos and posting them!  See the Patty Party Pictures HERE.

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America will update Musketeer Puppy's Flickr page with photos and videos.  You can see that HERE.

Check below for the 3 Musketeer Challenge!  We are challenging you to donate only $3.00 USD and challenge three of your friends to do the same!  Ways to donate are mentioned below *OR* you may also fulfill the challenge by donating 750 L$ (that roughly equals $3.00 USD) in Second Life!  

The bandanna that I made Musketeer is on the way to the current trainer's house and they will be taking photos (and maybe a video) of Musketeer wearing it!  Perhaps we'll see that by the end of the week!

Musketeer's First Report Card
Musketeer did extremely well transferring from his breeder's to the first trainer's home.  Musketeer will be having several trainers so he won't get attached to just one person, that way after about 3 or 4 months with me, he'll realize that he will be with me forever.

He is quickly learning the basic commands of sit, down, stay, come.  Usually these dogs don't start public access training until they've been in the service dog program for at least a month.  Musketeer's trainer felt that Musketeer was ready and put a vest on him (Service dogs ARE NOT REQUIRED to wear a vest.  It does help cut down on all of the questions.).  Musketeer acted near perfectly at the store!  There was even a time that something accidentally fell off of the shelf and he stayed focused on the trainer!  GOOD PUPPY!

I was told he is learning VERY quickly.  I was also told Musketeer is a very HAPPY, SWEET and LOVING dog.

I was told Musketeer's breeder wanted to keep Musketeer to be a "stud dog" because he has the right look for an English Labrador AND an exceptional personality and brightness.  The service dog company ended up feeling so strongly that Musketeer was so extremely perfect for me, that they paid more than they usually do for dogs, so Musketeer could be in my life helping me.  It melts my heart!

Also...  Diabetic Alert Dogs of America does not do mobility training for the dogs.  I had let them know last year that I walk with a cane when I'm doing well, walk with a walker when my back is unhappy with me, and use an electric scooter when there is quite a bit of distance involved (like shopping, since I always forget something at the start and have to go back for it, I cover a LOT of ground).  WELL....  D.A.D.A. stepped up to the plate, they didn't have to, but they did...  they are training Musketeer to walk beside an electric cart!  That just completely WOWED me!  I think Musketeer is going to have to send some REALLY NICE Christmas gifts to those folks in December (if he's home for Christmas)!

Thank you for listening to me babble!

Thank you for your continued support via
hiring us to DJ,
telling others,
listening to me go on and on about it
just for being YOU!

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