Sunday, June 18, 2017

Musketeer Puppy's 7th Weekly Report Card:

Musketeer Puppy had a great week of training and has officially passed his obedience assessment and has moved into public service. He is doing a great job in training and we are very proud of him! 

This week Musketeer has been working on reinforcing all of the commands and tasks that he has learned in a high distraction environment, working on sound and touch sensitivity, maintaining a down stay on a bed, maintaining a sit and down stay while someone knocks at the door and rings a doorbell, and learning to stay in a stand position. Musketeer has been working on "accepting a friendly stranger" which means practicing to sit politely while the handler stands close to and speaks to a stranger without the dog trying to sniff or get to the stranger and maintaining a sit while being pet by a stranger. 

He has been training in locations which have included Home Depot, Walmart, Petsmart and CAL Ranch. Next week Musketeer will be working on maintaining a down stay while around moving objects such as skateboards, bikes, cars, suitcases rolling around him, a person running by, practicing appropriate restaurant behavior including not begging or attempting to eat or closely sniff any food on the floor or on tables, leave it with food items that may fall from the table, maneuvering into restroom stalls and maintaining a sit stay while the handler washes hands and exposure to sound of a hand dryer.

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