Friday, June 30, 2017

Service Dog
Musketeer Puppy's
9th Weekly Report Card

This week Musketeer has been working on walking next to and riding on a bus/tram, walking next to electric and standard wheelchairs, exposure to a person walking with a cane, sound and touch sensitivity, elevator and stairs practice, recall with distractions and distance, maintaining a down stay/sit stay while another dog passes by, off leash heeling from one aisle to the next, heeling next to traffic sounds, maintaining a stay while the handler loads items into a shopping cart, leave it with various items and heeling through narrow spaces. Training locations have included Kohl's, Target, Costco, Sam's Club and a busy city street. Next week, Musketeer will be working on exposure to various household sounds such as electric tooth brushes, blow dryers, mixers, blenders, closing cabinets, maintaining a down stay while the handler is moving around within the dogs sight, sound and touch sensitivity, leave it with food items and balls, heeling throughout a store with the attention on the handler and maintaining a down stay/ sit stay while people walk by with shopping carts.

for your
in getting this
life saving service dog

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