Friday, June 23, 2017

Musketeer's 8th Weekly Report Card:

This week Musketeer has been working on maintaining a down stay while around moving objects such as skateboards, bikes, carts, suitcases rolling around him, leave it with balls being rolled and bounced by him, a person running by, practicing appropriate restaurant behavior including not begging or attempting to eat or closely sniffing any food on the floor or on tables, leave it with food items that may fall from the table, leave it with small toys being placed in front of him, sitting politely while being pet by strangers, maneuvering into restroom stalls and maintaining a sit stay while the handler washes hands and exposure to sound of a hand dryer. 

His training locations have included Toys R Us, Arriba's Mexican Grill, Staples, Sam's Club and Jimmy John's. Next week Musketeer will be working on walking next to and riding on a bus/tram, walking next to electric and standard wheelchairs, exposure to a person walking with a cane, sound and touch sensitivity, elevator and stairs practice, recall with distractions and distance, maintaining a down stay/sit stay while another dog passes by, off leash heeling from one aisle to the next, heeling next to traffic sounds, maintaining a stay while the handler loads items into a shopping cart, leave it with various items and heeling through narrow spaces.

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