Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 1
For those in the virtual worlds who know me, but don't KNOW me, yeah, I'm a Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic.  I have been for almost my entire life (will be 31 years of being diagnosed this August).  That means I've taken approximately 50,000 shots so far.  

What is a diabetic?  Click  HERE  to find out! 

Because I've been a diabetic for what seems like FOREVER, I'm having a more difficult time feeling when my blood sugar (bs) levels are going too high or too low.  I also have had one too many serious concussions which makes remembering to test my blood sugar levels more of a challenge.  At this point in my life I have NO negative conditions due to diabetes (blindness, kidney failure, loss of feet/legs due to poor circulation).  I have been VERY FORTUNATE!

I've been struggling with blood sugar levels for years and a D.A.D. (Diabetic Alert Dog) was suggested to me recently!  These amazing dogs can detect when their partner (owner) has a low or a high bs level and let them, or a family member, know, basically nudging them to test and/or treat the levels!  BUT that's not all!  Dogs are trained to fetch the blood testing meter, sugar tablets or the phone to call 911!  Every moment of my day would be improved with a Diabetic Alert Dog!

These are official service dogs, ready and willing to work to keep the diabetic safe and more healthy.  This doesn't come cheap and unfortunately, insurance doesn't give a dime towards this service which could possibly keep me off of dialysis, keep me from going blind or keep me from loosing my legs.

What's the cost?

I'll be working on getting fund raising events set up.  Kiva is wanting to DJ in both Second Life and InWorldz at an event in your location to assist with funds.  MORE info to come!

Thank you for your help
to get
Marie's Dog!

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