Friday, July 10, 2015

Entry 4
I did more research for the puppy today by calling a local vet to see what vaccines are needed and how often I'll need to take the puppy to the vet for check ups, etc.  I was told a puppy should see the vet once a year (more often if needed).  I was told they have Service Dogs as part of their clients.  I was told I should ask the D.A.D. people if they do a Lyme vaccine and a Kennel Cough vaccine.  I also learned there is a dog park here in town!  Then I gathered my courage and asked if it would be okay if I put a donation can at their office.  The person I spoke with didn't know the answer, and I'm currently waiting to hear back from someone who could tell me the answer to that question. 

Email was sent to the D.A.D. people, asking them about vaccines and asking if they had pamphlets that I could hand out to help promote fund raisers to folks have more information.  She called to reply and told me the puppy will be fully vaccinated, even for fleas and ticks (there are no fleas or ticks in Vegas, but because there are here, the puppy will get vaccinated for them).  She also told me she'd put pamphlets in the mail to me today.

I asked how the puppy would get here, cuz it would be a VERY LONG drive, and if he flew, would we need to pick them up from the airport.  The puppy will be flying here and renting a car and the trainer will be staying at a hotel here when it's time for me to hook up with the puppy.

(This is not my puppy - but will look similar to him)

Dog breed:  English Labrador Retriever
(English Labs have a huskier build than American Labs and are more mellow)
Dog color:  Golden/Yellow
Dog gender:  Male
Information:  I call ALL dogs "puppy", so it was suggested
"Puppy" be included in my puppy's name.
I lean towards names that have something to do with
Diabetes, Scotland and/or Medieval themes
Put your puppy name suggestion
in the comments below!

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  1. Imma leave you some names! :3 I restricted my search to Scottish-origin and 2 syllables. (Most trainers I've talked to recommend 2 syllable names, since typical commands tend to be 1 syllable. Helps the dog distinguish. :3)

    Angus - "One Strength" - Thought this would be fitting for a service dog, as he will be a strength for you.
    Calder - "From the Wild Water" - Labs love them some water!
    Finlay/Finley - "Fair Warrior:" - Again, thought this seems fitting for a service dog, helping you fight against diabetes. And he'll be a lighter colored dog, thus fair.
    Ramsey - "Island of Garlic" - This one is about the closest I could come that touched all of your preferences... Garlic can allegedly help keep your blood sugar in check. I didn't dig into the search too heavily, but there's some research out there. It's also kind of ironic because garlic, in larger quantities, can make a dog very sick/kill them, but very small quantities have shown to have some health benefits, as well as allegedly being a natural flea repellant.
    Stewart/Stuart - "Steward Of The Estate Or Castle" - He's a service dog, so he would technically be a steward of your home!
    Struan - "Small Stream" - Again, labs love water.

    Some quick suggestions! :3 I'm so excited for you!