Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 2
My brilliant husband thought it would be respectful of others if we could get a secure link so people could donate safely, and so we could have a special Service Dog Account.  So I went to the bank today to talk and ask questions.

I was totally blessed to have a certain lady sitting at the desk today!  I told her that I needed to babble and I needed to ask questions and she was the lucky one to hear it.  :)  I told her a bit about my diabetic life, told her about the Diabetic Alert Dogs and I told her I wished I was a little girl in pigtails, asking for help to get a puppy.  Instead, I'm an adult, wanting to have a Service Dog.  I looked up and the woman was in tears.  I thought, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?" and started mentally cussing myself out.  Then she told me she lost her mom to diabetic complications, that her uncle had lost both of his legs, was on dialysis, had a kidney transplant and had died.  She went on to say that she was a Type 2 diabetic.  She has lived the worst of my diabetic nightmares.  She told me she wasn't sure about the secure deposits, but SHE was going to do the work to find out and get things going.  She told me that when her next pay check comes in, she wants to donate, saying I need that dog and I need to get it.  (I'm quite certain her mom and uncle would have had far fewer problems and would have lived a longer fuller life if they had Diabetic Alert Dogs).  She told me I will be surprised that even a woman like me, wanting a Service Dog, will have a chance.

So, I've been given more confidence that this dream of a healthier life will happen, that I'll be here for my family, that diabetes won't bring me down.

I'm just waiting for the phone interview with the Diabetic Alert Dogs company.  Perhaps tomorrow!

In hope for
Marie's Dog!


  1. I'm rooting for you, Marie, and so is that wonderful lady at the bank ... and we aren't the only ones who are or will be doing all we can to help you get your Service Dog.