Friday, April 21, 2017

Got a call...  but not my Musketeer.

I received a call today from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America, saying they found a dog that basically has the temperament I was after, but not the coloring.  

I spent time looking at the photos and the video, trying to find room in my heart for this dog, but it just wasn't my Musketeer.  I really WANTED to like that dog, I tried to picture him in our lives, but ... it didn't feel right.  

I showed the children the photos and asked in a bubbly tone, "Is this Musketeer?".  They both immediately said, "No.".

Kiva reminded me that anything I work hard to try to like, never ends up to be something I truly actually like.  So I called D.A.D.A. back and told them I was sorry, that wasn't Musketeer.  They said that was FINE, that dog is VERY VERY perfect for the next person on the wait list.

I'm still on the top of the list, so I have the option of every dog, but I'm REALLY hoping and praying the next available dog will be my Musketeer Puppy, because saying "Sorry.." wasn't a happy thing to do.

Praying my Musketeer
will be found SOON!

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