Tuesday, April 4, 2017

~ New Knowledge ~

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is very clear when it comes to the laws regarding service dogs.  As long as they are not destroying property or causing complete and utter nuisance, service dogs are allowed EVERYWHERE that the public is allowed.

In doing our research, we found out that churches are not considered "public places" according to federal law.  SO, that means churches can deny service dog access and be within their rights.

I didn't want to have to change RL churches, so decided to meet with our pastor to talk about service dog fund raising and ask if I'd be welcome to go to church with my service dog.  That meeting was held this morning.  

WONDERFUL news is that he had several people in mind who may be willing and wanting to assist with fund raising!

MORE WONDERFUL news is that YES, I will be welcome to go to church with my service dog!

BONUS WONDERFUL news is that the pastor made a donation toward bringing Musketeer Puppy home!  That COMPLETELY over whelmed me and humbled me.  It was a complete surprise... I NEVER EVER expected that.

When I got home, I prayed:
Dear Lord,
Thank you for this beautiful day!
Thank you for people who help!
Thank you for people who want to show me that I'm worth while.
Help me to someday believe it myself.

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