Thursday, April 6, 2017

~ Visit with the Local Fire Fighters ~

I had been watching "What I carry in my service dog's vest pockets" videos on YouTube at 2:00 am this morning and noticed something called File of Life.  Something I hadn't heard of before, so decided to find out what it was!

First responders are trained to look on the refrigerator of people's homes they are responding to, for a red FILE OF LIFE.  It's a plastic pocket with info card(s) filled out by the people of the house to give first responders a very quick look at what MIGHT be the reason they were called to the home, information of who to contact, allergies, etc.   

Many service dog handlers also have a copy of the card in their dogs' vest.  Service dogs can communicate a LOT to their handler, but aren't always able to tell first responders what their handler's medications or allergies are!  :)

While at the fire station to pick up our File of Life, I asked the group of first responders, "If you were needing to take someone to the hospital in your ambulance and they had a service dog... what would you do about the dog?"  Five of the fellows weren't sure and one spoke up, "Take the dog in the ambulance with its' human!"  YES!  I told them, "You'll also want to let the human know you have their dog, that the dog is there with them, because the service dog handler is going to be more concerned about their dog than they are about themselves."

I've been asked to come talk to our local fire fighters after Musketeer arrives!  I get to spread service dog education!

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